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By Douglas H. Baker

Adapted from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Douglas Baker adapted the beloved story by Charles Dickens as a way to tell stories in a creative way to his family and friends. It has since turned into a loving tradition that two of his sons carry forward and through the world. Licensing is available through Stage rights and has been produced from New York to Los Angeles.

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The classic Christmas story is wonderfully told using a narrator, all while the actor fuses into each  additional classic and memorable character. Providing different voices and physicality's to encourage the audience to use their imagination to build the rest of the environment.



This particular show is staged in a way that small venues will not distract from the story. The set only asks of three unmatched chairs, that are moved throughout the play to create different scenery. The chairs themselves should have a certain aesthetic and character.



Every year countless productions and versions of Charles Dickens beloved tale are produced and told. It is a loving tradition to tell and re-tell this wonderful redemption story.